Hingis Szewah Ng is an Illustrator and Animator based in London, graduated in Kingston University London and has been working with assignments from across the globe in the past five years.

Communication plays an important role in the world at all matters, allowing Hingis to create her works base on issues involving resonance or interaction. Her creative practice mobilises and is inspired by children’s drawings.  Through her childhood experiences in children’s literature, she portrays the drawings to contain a lot of colours yielding in a more cheerful and sweet story.

Hingis likes to create stories based on her experiences with friends and family, and the tales that circulates within the family environments. She likes to collect humour stories from time to time and record their experiences in her animation. In recent years, she started to explore broader issues relating to family relationships. She realised that many of the children who may have problematic personalities are related to problems revolving around not being able to properly communicate with their parents. Therefore wanted to create fun Illustrations and Animations for parents to read with their children. Hingis pays particular attention to the palette used in her illustration; most of them generate a sense of warmth and happiness. She believes that the stories created and the styles could really be cheering and presenting a positive impact on the children who read these illustrations.


Hingis usually draws using a sketchbook then finishes her illustration and animation in adobe suite. But, in order to create best-suited illustrations, she asserted the drawing fundamental principles into creating her animations. Undergoing numerous experiments testing out the different materials and methods, such as ink stop motion, paper cuts and as well as live actions made her way to these projects. Whatever the medium, she aimed to grab audience’s attention and create out of the box!

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Pictoplasma selfie
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